The Owl Monkey Project
Dr. Eduardo Fernandez-Duque
The Reproductive Ecology Lab at Penn collaborates with the Owl Monkey project in their examination of the hormonal bases of monogamy and biparental care in non-human primates.

Penn Population Center

I am an active Research Associate in the interdisciplinary Population Studies Center


CHaPRE, Yale University
Since 2005, I have served as a Research Associate and collaborator to Richard Bribiescas and the Center for Human and Primate Reproductive Ecology at Yale University


Maternal and Child Health Laboratory, Simon Fraser University

mother and childI am currently collaborating with Dr. Pablo Nepomnaschy in a study on the interactions between the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis and the reproductive axis in postpartum women


De la Iglesia Lab

tittlenewI am collaborating with Horacio de la Iglesia in a project to characterize sleep patterns in indigenous populations with different access to electricity.