CARE Research Team


Pam Phojanakong, MPH – Research Coordinator at Yale

Alfronsina Salvarredy – FIELD COORDINATOR. Alfonsina is a Licenciada in Physical Anthropology from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata and she is in charge of coordinating the 8-member field assistants team, communicating with the community and with Dr Valeggia and basically making sure thing don’t fall apart!


Sofía Olmedo – field assistant. Sofía worked with the project for a year while she carried out her Licenciatura in Nutrition thesis in Namqom working with infants and complementary feeding practices. She is also responsible for entering data of the interviews for the monthly report on babies. Sofía is currently working with the baby team.

Florencia coordina todas las visitas del estudio de menopausia y el reclutamiento. Ella también es responsable del ingreso de todos los datos de las entrevistas de las mujeres y nenas a la base de datos para los informes mensuales.

Florencia Cirigliano – field assistant. Florencia coordinates all of the research visits for the menopausal transition sstudy. She is also responsible for entering all the data of interviews of women and girls into the database for the monthly reports.


Marisa Galeano – field assistant. Marisa has worked with the project for several years and is a great source of information on all matters. Marisa is charged with managing all aspects of of our laboratory and processing our samples. Marisa is currently a student studying Licenciatura in nutrition and her thesis focuses on nutrition during pregnancy in adolescent Qom girls.


Gloria Trope – Namqom research assistant. Gloria began by assisting one of Claudia’s students that studied breast milk. She is currently responsible for the visits to the girls group.


Fernanda Miranda – Namqom research assistant. Fernanda is responsible for the collection of urine samples related to the menopause calendar. Each month, she provides a list of the women and she visits with them everyday.

Mandy Añole y Silvia Mansilla, field assistants. Mandy is in charge of sample collection from the puberty study participants and is finishing her high school studies. Silvia also works in the puberty study and also helps out in the baby study. She is currently studying to be a nurse at the Universidad Nacional de Formosa.

Betty Nubyacae – Cultural broker and translator. Betty helps us navigate the Qom world, which was particularly helpful during the initial phases of the project when we were putting together the protocol. She provides us with feedback from the participating women.



Cara McGuinness — Past Field Coordinator of the Menopause Comparative Study and the Life History Transitions Study

Monika Wasik, past field co-coordinator

Maria Florencia Orlando, field co-coordinator

Maria Florencia Orlando, past field co-coordinator


Rocio Dabichi – former field assistant. She is a Qom teaching assistant in Namqom and worked with the puberty girls

Rosaura Medina – former field assistant, Aging Oral History Study

Roxana Rizzo (past field assistant) and Becky Duncan (past NSF-REU student from Penn) doing urine sample collection rounds in Namqom